How do I become a pirate in ArcheAge

by adminstores

ArcheAge Pirate

To become a pirate you need to achieve 3000 infamy points but there are a few ways to accomplish that.

This is perhaps the most common method of becoming a pirate. You basically just murder people of your own faction in the PvP zones. This will leave bloodstains behind that other players can report you for. These reports will add crime points to your character. This can be achieved either by killing higher level players or by griefing your low level faction players in the level 30+ zones. This method can cause you to spend a lot of time in jail because it is likely that you will also be killed and teleported to a court room to stand trial. If you are found guilty then your crime points are converted to infamy points. If you are found innocent then you will lose infamy points, which isn’t helping your cause but this is out of your control.

It is quite common for people to plant “off the grid” crops to try and earn some extra materials/Archeage gold on the side. If you find these you can uproot them. This will leave footprints behind that players can report.

If you have friends then you can just follow the above methods together to do it faster. You can each plant crops and uproot them or you can kill each others mounts as this also accumulates crime points rather fast. Just make sure to be in a PvP zone or it won’t be possible.